Airway Dentistry in Brentwood, TN

When you breathe correctly, both your mouth and body benefit. Airway dentistry in Franklin & Brentwood focuses on your mouth structure and airways to improve your quality of sleep.

Airway Dentistry in Brentwood, TN

Airway dentistry in Franklin & Brentwood focuses on your mouth structure and airways to improve your quality of sleep.

Protect Your Overall Health

Incorrect breathing can affect your entire well-being. By treating your disordered breathing or sleep apnea, you reduce your risk for serious health issues.

Enjoy Comprehensive Solutions

With a thorough examination and an extensive third-party radiology report, you’ll understand the extent of the issue and the best path of treatment.

Improve Your Oral Posture

Using myofunctional therapy treatments, Dr. Rice can help you develop the ideal mouth and tongue position and breathing technique.

A Great Night’s Sleep Shouldn’t Be Out of Reach!

Do you experience persistent fatigue despite getting a complete night’s sleep? Have others mentioned that you snore or have teeth grinding? Are you facing challenges related to sleep, acid reflux, hypertension, or Type 2 Diabetes? Are anxiety and depression part of your struggles?

If any of these problems resonate with you, there’s a possibility that undetected sleep apnea could be the hidden culprit. Sleep apnea, a significant sleep disorder that interrupts breathing while asleep, may be the underlying cause of these issues.

Without proper treatment, it not only leads to fatigue but can also have a profound impact on your overall well-being and potentially reduce your lifespan.

Sleep Better With
Airway Dentistry in
Franklin & Franklin & Brentwood

It’s simple: the air you breathe gives you oxygen to survive. However, certain conditions, such as mouth breathing or loose tissues in your throat, can obstruct your airways. As a result, you can experience sleep-disordered breathing or sleep apnea.

When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Kellye Rice will discuss the symptoms you are experiencing. She’ll also examine you for signs of underdevelopment of your mouth and jaw. If she determines you will benefit from airway dentistry in Franklin & Brentwood, she can address the issue using a combination of dental lasers and myofunctional therapy.

Call 615-592-2657 if you believe you’ll benefit from airway dental treatments. We also provide Sleep Apnea Treatment, Nightlase, TMJ Treatment and Myofunctional Therapy.

Improve Your Overall Health in Three Easy Steps

By paying attention to the symptoms of sleep disordered breathing, you are doing your part to maintain good oral health and overall health.

Sleep disordered breathing can happen at any age, but as you get older, your risks for this condition increase greatly. That’s why it’s so important to seek treatment if you recognize the symptoms.

During your free consultation, Dr. Rice will screen you for any breathing issues. Once you are diagnosed, she will recommend the best option to restore your sleep and protect your health.

Step 1. Discover

Call our office to schedule an initial consultation with us. We will be able to discuss how we can best help.

Step 2. Design

Dr. Rice and our dental team will create a personal approach to managing your sleep apnea.

Step 3. Dream

You’ll finally have the restful sleep every night that you’ve always been dreaming of.

Meet Dr. Kellye Rice

Dr. Kellye Rice is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). Since 2012, she has been successfully treating sleep apnea patients with oral appliances. Since before 2000 she has been providing TMJ treatment and therapy for pain patients with oral appliances, adding laser pain relief therapy– photobiomodulation and Oralase –in the last decade to improve outcomes.

Get The Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming Of

We provide just about everything you might need for your sleep dental care. Patients without insurance can also sign up for our membership club to cover the cost of preventive care treatments.

We provide just about everything you might need for your sleep dental care. Patients without insurance can also sign up for our membership club to cover the cost of preventive care treatments.

Commonly Asked Questions About Airway Dentistry

We’re answering some commonly asked questions about airway dentistry.

Airway dentistry is a specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating dental and oral conditions that affect your ability to breathe properly. This includes conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring, and other respiratory disorders. The overall goal is to correct these problems to improve your quality of life and overall well-being.

Airway dentistry plays a crucial role in the treatment of sleep apnea. It helps identify and address the underlying causes of the condition. By treating dental and oral conditions that may be contributing to sleep apnea, we can improve a patient’s breathing and reduce the severity of their symptoms.

Airway dentistry can provide a range of benefits, including improved breathing, better sleep quality, reduced snoring, and improved overall health and well-being. By treating dental and oral conditions that may be contributing to sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders, airway dentists can help patients breathe easier and enjoy a better quality of life.


The appliance for my sleep apnea that I received from Dr. Rice as well as her care and compassion throughout the whole process was astounding. She is so very thorough and knowledgeable, and she made this process easy!  My AHI went down from a severe level of 43.3 to a mild and manageable level of 13.5! I am sleeping wonderfully with my new MAD, and I am so glad I decided to go this route.  This process has truly been life changing.  I am elated with the results, and am so blessed to have found Dr. Rice, Kaye, and all of the rest of the staff at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry and Middle Tennessee Sleep Apnea and TMJ Treatment Center. This has definitely changed my life! Thank you all!


I had started breaking my teeth 5 years before I came to Tennessee and started with Dr Rice. When I fractured another tooth, she recommended a sleep study because of excessive clenching was a symptom of sleep apnea. No one had ever mentioned that to me.

My sleep study revealed moderate sleep apnea. I didn’t want to go on a CPAP, so I started on the Vivos device. The moment I put it in, I could feel air through my airway like I had never felt before. My palate was expanded and my lower jaw moved forward to open my airway.

At the end of treatment, I had another sleep study done which revealed NO sleep apnea!

I sleep so much better ad underlying issues have improved – arthritis and back pain. I highly recommend this treatment —-and Dr Kellye Rice!


Before treatment I had headaches and was drowsy though out the day and had trouble breathing. Now I am energized, and I can breathe through my nose better and have better sleep. The best part of my treatment was the improved nose breathing and my jaw coming forward. Even though I had to work on the wear time with the appliances, I would recommend this expansion  for anyone. I have so much more confidence about my profile, and I can breathe so much better now.


For sometime, I tried CPAP for my sleep apnea and it was really cumbersome and bothersome. I didn’t see any improvement. This process was so much easier and I can travel without equipment. I would definitely recommend it and Dr. Rice.


This letter is to sing the praises of my Prosomnus device. I describe the device as something similar to a retainer. 

As one who previously used the C-PAP and hated it (with a passion), I was reluctant to try any other device. As the saying goes, “Once burned shame on you, twice burned shame on me”. But after years of avoidance, I committed to using the device.

The primary issue for me is that the Prosomnus device does not feel intrusive, because I am not tethered to an external unit beside the bed. According to my wife, I do not snore when using my Prosomnus device.


After several years of waking up with headaches and feeling tired, it was recommended by Dr. Rice to get a sleep study. In the past, I had broken a tooth that din’t have  filling or decay, resulting in losing the tooth and needing a bridge to replace the tooth.

The sleep study resulted in a diagnosis of mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. Discussions were had with Dr. Rice about the different types of mouthpieces that could be made. We decided on a device that I would wear at night that would move my lower jaw forward enough to keep my airway open. I have been wearing a device for over 6 years and wouldn’t be without it. I wake up rested, no headaches and ready to meet the day.


After my clear aligners, I have better sleep, am no longer grinding and clenching, and my oral hygiene has improved. Thank you, Dr. Rice!


Candid Pro Clear aligner tooth straightening has given me the confidence to smile when I take pictures and meet people. Now, I look forward to taking pictures. I’m so glad that I did this because it has really boosted my self esteem!!! I’m proud to say that Candid Pro has changed my life for the better!!! Thank you, Dr Rice and your wonderful team!


My son has made huge improvements since seeing Dr Rice! Not only are his teeth straighter in the removable guide, but his palate is wider and his tongue has more mobility. We are so grateful for Dr Rice’s expertise. His frenectomy and Vivos Guide has made a world of difference for our son! Thank you, Dr Rice!


Before & Afters

Adult expansion before and after

NightLase before and after